MIRDsoft.org (Radiation Dosimetry Community Platform)

MIRDsoft.org is a community platform of next generation applications for deriving, reporting, and managing dosimetry data in nuclear medicine, computed tomography, and hybrid imaging. The platform is focused on designing, developing, and promoting innovative new ways to create better user interfaces for understanding internal radiation dosimetry.

MIRDsoft.org has been created to host a suite of free software applications designed and developed to support the medical radiation dose community. These products will be added as they become available. Following free registration, users will receive periodic newsletters and updates regarding the website. The anticipated timeline of software release can be found here.

MIRDsoft.org is endorsed and supported by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Medical Internal Radiation Dose (SNMMI MIRD) Committee.

MIRDsoft.org Releases


An internal dose calculation software developed as a community tool for calculating organ-level radiopharmaceutical dosimetry. The software enables biodistribution-to-dosimetry calculations using the MIRD schema and incorporates calculation-specific details for 333 isotopes (ICRP Publication 107) and a family of 12 ICRP reference phantoms with 81 source organs/regions and 43 target organ/regions and up to 5 spherical tumors.

System Requirements

MIRDcalc is written and compiled within Microsoft Excel, and runs in the Excel environment. A licensed version of Microsoft Excel must be installed on the host computer. Currently, it only works on a PC. More information regarding system requirement can be found in the software’s manual.

Acknowledgements & Authors

The MIRDcalc software is a product of an ongoing collaboration between University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA. This research was part of a funded project support by the NIH U01 EB028234 grant. Major contributors to this development of this software include: 

  • Adam Kesner (MSKCC, co-PI)
  • Wesley Bolch (UF, co-PI)


  • Justin Brown (UF), Lukas Carter (MSKCC), Sean J. Domal (UF), John L. Humm (MSKCC), Derek Jokisch (FMU), Ryan Kerslake (MSKCC), Cameron B. Kofler (UF), Daniel Lafontaine (MSKCC), Juan C. Ocampo Ramos (MSKCC), Edmond Olguin (UF), Bonnie N. President (UF), Trung Tran (UF), Pat Zanzonico (MSKCC)


A free applet software that models the distribution of radiopharmaceuticals in tissues, calculates the distribution of radiation dose, models responses on a cell-by-cell basis, and predicts the surviving fraction of the labeled and unlabeled cell populations.

  • Download (currently distributed through Rutgers University portal)
  • freely available for download
  • an executable Java program that you download and then run on your PC
  • the project is grant funded and continued update of versions are expected
  • Users’ Forum
  • Reference Publication

System Requirements

MIRDcell is written/distributed in Java. Supported operation systems include:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux

Acknowledgements & Authors

The development of MIRDcell is funded in part by the United States National Institute of Health grant R01-CA245139.

MIRDsoft.org website

FAQs, MIRDsoft.org Community Forum

MIRDsoft Creative Space (for sharing creative data/art/graphics related to dosimetry)

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