A simple Viewer for 3D data built with VTK and Python.

The interactive viewer CILViewer2D provides:

  • Orthoslicer (slice in x/y/z direction)
  • keyboard interaction
    • ‘x’ slices on the YZ plane
    • ‘y’ slices on the XZ plane
    • ‘z’ slices on the XY
    • ‘a’ auto window/level to accomodate all values
    • ‘s’ save render to PNG (current_render.png)
    • ‘l’ plots horizontal and vertical profiles of the displayed image at the pointer location
  • slice up/down: mouse scroll (10 x pressing SHIFT)
  • Window/Level: ALT + Right Mouse Button + drag
  • Pan: CTRL + Right Mouse Button + drag
  • Zoom: SHIFT + Right Mouse Button + drag (up: zoom in, down: zoom out)
  • Pick: Left Mouse Click
  • ROI (square):
    • Create ROI: CTRL + Left Mouse Button
    • Resize ROI: Left Mouse Button on outline + drag
    • Translate ROI: Middle Mouse Button within ROI
    • Delete ROI: ALT + Left Mouse Button

The CIL Viewer code took initial inspiration from a previous project of Edoardo Pasca and Lukas Batteau PyVE


Installation Notes

Documentation (added documentation about Qt viewers)


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