February 18th 2022

Our editorial team welcomes Dr Benjamin D Auer, currently elected as the new intern (June 2021-June 2023) of the SNMMI Physics, Instrumentation and Data Sciences Council (PIDSC), as an Associate Editor of the NMMItools. Among other important tasks, Benjamin will also be developing, validating and documenting an enhanced version of the very popular XCAT voxelized anthropomorphic phantom of Dr Paul Segars in Stereo Lithography (STL) format to attain an even more accurate description of human organs and structures and freely distribute it. Once we have a first validated version, we will host it to NMMItools with all important details for the NMMI user community. Dr Tyler Bradshaw , who is currently also serving PIDSC as one of its elected members, will also remain in the editorial team assisting with the supervision of Benjamin’s internship and editorial tasks.

June 5th 2019

We are very much excited to welcome Dr Tyler Bradshaw, as the new member of the NMMItools editorial team. Tyler has also been selected as the new intern of the SNMMI Physics, Instrumentation and Data Sciences Council (PIDSC) for the next two years (June 2019-June 2021). Among his other tasks, Tyler will be assisting with the management and editing of content related to NMMItools.

January 22nd 2019

We are announcing the launching of the NMMItools website, which has been designed to provide useful references to available software and data resources for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (NMMI) research. Our aim is to create an up-to-date collection of online references to useful scientific tools and dataset for the NMMI basic and clinical research community. Please feel free to explore our categorized lists of references to computational tools and datasets as well as suggest us to include, enhance or revise NMMI tool resources.

NMMItools has been created and administered by Nicolas A. Karakatsanis.  The project was initiated as part of a 2-year (2017-2019) funded internship awarded to dr Karakatsanis by the Physics, Instrumentation and Data Sciences Council of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI).