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Thank you for visiting NMMItools, an up-to-date online reference website for software tools to simulate, reconstruct and analyze synthetic or real data related to Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (NMMI) studies. NMMItools aim to provide an online interactive platform where users can search and comment for the latest available software tools to support NMMI basic and clinical research.

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Acknowledgements: NMMItools website has been created and administered by Nicolas A. Karakatsanis. The project was initiated  as part of a 2-year (2017-2019) funded internship awarded to Dr Karakatsanis by the Physics, Instrumentation and Data Sciences Council (PIDSC) of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). The former and current interns of PIDSC, Tyler Bradshaw and Benjamin D. Auer, respectively, are also assisting with content management and editing.


Disclaimer: NMMItools website and all its supporting agencies do not claim any responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of the referenced statements and material included in the NMMItools page of each presented software tool. All referenced  content has been retrieved directly by the developer website of each software tool with minor edits to allow a uniform presentation style. Moreover, NMMItools sole intention is to objectively present all available software applications as potentially useful options to facilitate NMMI basic and clinical research. Nevertheless, it also offers the option to visitors to anonymously express in public via NMMItools their preference to each presented tool and share its reference page via social media.    

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