Spectral Analysis Kinetic Estimation (SAKE): an integrated tool for quantification of PET data.

SAKE is an open-source software designed for the easy application of spectral analysis in PET kinetic modeling studies. It is a stand-alone license-free software which implements the state-of-the-art Spectral Analysis methods for PET quantification. SAKE has been designed to be as much user-friendly as possible, so that it can be used by expert and not expert users.


SAKE manages the whole process of PET quantification: from data pre–processing to result analysis via Spectral Analysis. No other program or tool is required.

Spectral Analysis does not require any a priori assumptions about the investigated system of interest. You can start to analyze your PET data even if the kinetic model of your tracer is unknown.

Typical workflow is very straightforward; SAKE is fast, handling large images in real–time.

You can download SAKE here and use it for free (but only for academic use).

SAKE team provides basic support to all our registered users. Support information includes documents, examples, bug reports, FAQs, and discussion.

SAKE is built to maximize its flexibility and it can be applied to brain and not brain dynamic PET data.

SAKE is currently used by more than 50 research centers worldwide and it is being taught within the course “Experimental Design and Practical Data Analysis in Positron Emission Tomography”, held at King’s College London (UK).

Reference Links

SAKE Primary Website

Molecular & Neuroimaging Research Group reference page (joint research venture between King College London, UK & University of Padua, Italy)

Download Page (official version & others unofficial projects)

Forum, Support, YouTube Content

About SAKE Page: Learn more about SAKE’s history, developers, project contributors & contact details

Reference Publications: Poster, Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3


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