QModeling: an Open-Source Toolbox for PET Kinetic Analysis

QModeling is a multi-platform toolbox for SPM to fit reference-region kinetic models (currently supporting SRTM, SRTM2, Patlak Reference and Logan Reference Plots) to dynamic PET imaging data.

The toolbox was developed in the Bioengineering Department of the Molecular Imaging Unit at CIMES (FGUMA) in collaboration with the department of Computer Science and Programming Languages at Malaga University (UMA), Spain.

Software requirements

*Tested on MATLAB R2012a-R2013b with SPM8 and MATLAB R2015a-R2017a with SPM12.

To cite QModeling in your work please include the following reference.qmodelinglogo

Official Website

Download: via registration

Documentation: User’s Guide

Reference Paper



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