Mango: Multi-image Analysis GUI

Mango – short for Multi-image Analysis GUI – is a viewer for medical research images. It provides analysis tools and a user interface to navigate image volumes.


There are three versions of Mango, each geared for a different platform:

  • Mango – Desktop – Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.
  • Papaya – Browser – Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE.
  • iMango – Mobile – Apple iPad

Related packages

  • Daikon – A pure JavaScript DICOM reader. It supports most common DICOM types including compressed data. In addition to parsing DICOM headers, it can order and concatenate the image data of multi-file series.
  • Nifti-Reader-JS – A JavaScript NIfTI file format reader. This reader supports both NIfTI-1 and NIfT1-2 file formats, both compressed (.nii.gz) and uncompressed (.nii).
  • GIFTI-Reader-JS – This JavaScript GIFTI reader parses ASCII, Base64, and GZIP-Base64 datatypes.


  • ROI Editing: Threshold and component-based tools for painting and tracing ROIs
  • Surface Rendering: Interactive surface models supporting cut planes and overlays
  • Image Registration: Semi-automatic image coregistration and manual transform editing
  • Image Stacking: Threshold and transparency-based image overlay stacking
  • Analysis: Histogram, cross-section, time-series analysis, image and ROI statistics
  • Processing: Kernel and rank filtering, arithmetic/logic image and ROI calculators


Designed and developed by Jack L. Lancaster, Ph.D. and Michael J. Martinez.


Support for Mango software development was provided in part by the ‘ICBM’ grant (P01-EB01955) NIH/NIMH and the ‘BrainMap’ grant (R01-MH074457) NIH/NIMH.

Support for software development was provided by the ‘Mango’ grant (R01-EB015314-01a1) NIH/NIBIB.Mango_logo

Official Website: Main page, Github

Download: Mango, Papaya, iMango, Daikon, Nifti-Reader-JS, Gifti-Reader-JS, Papaya-Builder

Documentation: User’s Guides (Mango, Papaya, iMango), Video Tutorials, Basic Usage, Forum, Papaya Wiki, iMango Troubleshooting

References: Publications introducing Mango, Publications using Mango



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