SERA: Standardized Environment for Radiomics Analysis

The Standardized Environment for Radiomics Analysis (SERA) Package is a Matlab®-based framework developed at Johns Hopkins University that calculates radiomic features based on guidelines from the Image Biomarker Standardization Initiative (IBSI). SERA is capable of processing images from various clinical imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, PET and SPECT. Radiomic features calculated with SERA are standardized and in compliance with IBSI, which ensures their reproducibility.

Radiomic Features

SERA calculates 487 IBSI-standardized features, including: 79 first-order features (morphology, statistical, histogram and intensity-histogram features), 272 higher-order 2D features, and 136 3D features. In addition, it also calculates 10 moment invariant features, that are not included in IBSI. Different subsets of features can be selected, such as the default of 215 features (first-order + higher-order 3D). Access, Questions & Feedback.

Please cite the following reference (PhD Thesis) if you publish results with help from SERA: Ashrafinia, Saeed. “Quantitative Nuclear Medicine Imaging using Advanced Image Reconstruction and Radiomics”, Ph.D. Dissertation, Johns Hopkins University, 2019

For free access to SERA, and if you have any questions or feedback, please contact: s.ashrafinia [AT]


Official Website: Github, QuritLab Page

Source Code: Github

Documentation: ReadmeIBSI

References: PhD Thesis, Paper 1, Paper 2



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