Brain PET Sim + Recon

A C++ & Matlab-based PET simulation and reconstruction software, enabling realistic brain simulations, e.g. dynamic PiB PET imaging, based on the system matrix of the advanced brain-dedicated High Resolution Research Tomograph (HRRT) scanner.

From left to right: Synthesized true and MLEM-reconstructed brain PET images based on a realistic computational human brain phantom

Key Features:

  • Analytic simulation (forward projection) of a static or a dynamic series of PET HRRT sinograms
  • Begins with realistic computational human brain phantom
  • Enables realistic, noisy simulations
  • Statistical PET image reconstruction using 3D ordered-subset expectation maximization (OS-EM) algorithm
  • Incorporate attenuation and normalization modeling
  • Can simulate dynamic PET studies, with an initial table of kinetic K values; e.g. our default example performs dynamic PiB PET studies

Github Page (Source Code, Documentation)

Qurit Lab Page (Presentation, Technical Description)

Reference Paper: A. Rahmim, Y. Zhou, J. Tang, L. Lu, V. Sossi, and D. F. Wong, Direct 4D parametric imaging for linearized models of reversibly binding PET tracers using generalized AB-EM reconstruction Phys. Med. Biol., vol. 57, pp. 733-755, 2012.

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