Occiput.io (iLang engine)

Occiput is an Open Source Tomographic reconstruction software for PET, PET-MRI and SPECT in 2D, 3D (volumetric) and 4D (spatio-temporal) in Python, using GPUs. The design of occiput.io makes it extremely easy to reconstruct tomographic images starting from the raw data produced by imaging systems: PET, PET-MRI and SPECT. Occiput.io is designed for GPU computing, it’s blazing fast. To date, Occiput and the NiftyRec ray-tracer (on which Occiput is based), have been downloaded from an extensive base of users. The design of occiput.io enables 2D, 3D (volumetric) and 4D (spatio-temporal) dynamic tomographic imaging, joint reconstruction of multiple parameters (e.g. MLAA), motion-aware imaging and more. Occiput enables the interactive tomographic reconstruction in the cloud, using Jupyter and IPython.

A Python package implementing the interface to the Siemens Biograph mMR PET-MRI scanner (including access to raw listmode data, sinograms, scatter data, physiological data) is available upon request (occiput.reconstruction@gmail.com). Authorization from Siemens will be required.occiput_logo-v3

Official Website

Source Code: Download Page, GitHub, Related Projects (iLang, NiftyPy)

Tutorials: Video Gallery, Presentations,

References: Bibliography, Reference Paper


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