VivoQuant® from Invicro is a DICOM compliant post-processing suite for image data combining fundamental viewing functionality with advanced analysis capabilities. VivoQuant® supports data from most imaging modalities including MR, PET, SPECT, CT, and Optical. Multiple display modes including orthogonal views, slice views, special co-registration multi-views as well as 3D MIPs and volume renderings allow users to optimally view information of interest. Built-in features allow imaging scientists to extract the information they need, including powerful tools for fine-tuning images and isolating, drawing and analyzing 3D regions of interest.

Advanced Visualization

Supports the visualization and analysis of both static and dynamic image data sets across multiple modalities (CT, PET, SPECT, MR, and Optical; over 32 data formats). Viewing features including slice view, orthogonal views, multiple planar reconstruction (MPR), multi-dataset view, and tile view.

Image Registration and Pre-processing Tools

Multi-modal registration (automated, manual or user-provided fiducial markers). Additional features include filtering, cropping, smoothing, and re-scaling functionality.

Analysis Packages

3D ROI segmentation via automatic, semi-automatic and manual tools. Supports Plugin Modules for brain and whole body atlas based segmentation and tracer-kinetic modeling. MR analysis toolkits for generating T1, T2, ADC, and fat quantification maps and performing fMRI analysis.

Data Publication Tools
Publish analysis data in tabular and graphical output. Plotting tools for time-activity and time-signal curves, contours and histograms. Image and movie generation for all viewing functions in a broad range of file formats.


 Invicro Website, VivoQuant Website

Tutorials: User Manual

Reference Publications




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