Description: SIMIND is a Monte Carlo simulation code supporting the description of standard clinical SPECT cameras which can be easily modified for various types of calculations or measurements encountered in SPECT imaging. The entire code is written in FORTRAN- 90 and includes versions that are fully operational on Linux systems (x86), Mac systems running OSX, and on Windows (x86). The majority of the main code structure is similar for all of the operating systems; but, in cases where the operating system becomes unique, additional information on the code as it pertains to the specific system is provided. Since version 6.1, its output format can support compatibility with the CASToR toolkit for image reconstruction of Monte Carlo emission data (”smc2castor” utility).SIMINDlogo-v2

Official Website

Source Code: Link 1 & Link 2 (smc2castor)

Tutorials: Link 1

Reference Articles: Link 1 (Book Chapter), Link 2 & Link 3





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