A Basis Pursuit Kinetic Modelling Software

DEPICT (data-driven estimation of parametric images based on compartmental theory) is a software package written in Matlab 6.5 for the analysis of kinetic radiotracer data. The method calculates parametric images using a basis pursuit denoising approach. The theory and implementation behind DEPICT are summarized in reference publications below.

DEPICT delivers parametric images or regional parameter estimates from dynamic radiotracer imaging studies without the need to specify a compartmental structure and is applicable to both plasma and reference tissue input analyses. DEPICT is highly competitive with existing data-driven estimation methods. Thus, it requires no a priori description of the tracers fate in vivo; it derives the model description from the data and it returns the number of compartments (model order). Furthermore, DEPICT is a transparent data-driven modeling approach because it returns not only macro parameter values, but also information on the underlying model structure.

DEPICT is ONLY available for academic purposes free of charge. It is not available for industrial or commercial applications of any kind without explicit arrangement with the author.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) of DEPICT software tool

Reference Links

Website (download only after registration)

Reference Publications: Paper 1, Paper 2

For registration and more details please contact Dr Roger Gunn here and here.


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