Imager-4D: Viewer for dynamic PET studies with integrated Patlak and radiomics analysis

The Imager-4D is a novel PET viewer that allows the user to view dynamic PET data and to derive dynamic and radiomic parameters from that data. This includes the ability to combine dynamic data with radiomics (“dynomics”), potentially opening new avenues of PET quantitative analysis.

Imager-4D features:

  • Display and analysis of dynamic (multi-frame), single and multi-modality images (PET, MR, PET/CT, PET/MR).
  • Integrated Patlak analysis of dynamic PET dataset with image-based input function derivation and population input function scaling.

The Imager-4D is available as a free download to interested clinician scientists, can obviate the need for stand-alone or specialized workstations, and may speed the adoption of advanced analysis of dynamic PET data into routine clinical use.

The software is free to use, though its use should be properly credited in any publications or work of the users where it has been of value.



Official Website

Download Full package (for 64-Bit Windows with bundled JRE), JRE executable only





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