Radiomics Tools (by M Vallieres)

A package providing MATLAB programming tools for radiomics analysis. This package contains 5 folders:

  • ‘TextureToolbox’: MATLAB codes to perform texture analysis from an input 2D or 3D region of interest (ROI). This toolbox is self-contained and can be used on its own outside of the radiomics package. In particular, this texture analysis package implements wavelet band-pass filtering, isotropic resampling, discretization length corrections and different quantization tools.
  • ‘NonTextureFeatures’: MATLAB codes to compute features other than textures from an input 3D region of interest (ROI). Include features such as SUV metrics, AUC-CSH, Percent Inactive, Size, Solidity, Volume and Eccentricity.
  • ‘MultivariableModeling’: MATLAB codes to perform multivariable analysis operations such as logistic regression, bootstrapping, feature set reduction, feature set selection, prediction performance estimation, etc.
  • Utilities’: MATLAB codes used to perform different operations including the computation of SUV maps, reading of directory containing DICOM imaging data, conversion of RTstruct DICOM objects to 3D masks, etc.
  • ‘STUDIES’: MATLAB codes used for specific studies.


Official Website

Source Code: GitHub, MatlabCentral

Tutorials: ReadMe

Reference Papers: Paper 1, Paper 2 & Paper 3


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