RaCaT (Radiomics Calculator)

RaCaT is an easy to use radiomic feature calculator, which provides the calculation of a large number of radiomic features for all kind of medical images, which are in compliance with the imaging biomarker standardization initiative (IBSI) standard. The calculator is implemented in C++ and comes as a standalone executable without requiring further installations. Therefore, it can be easily integrated in any programming language, but can also be called from the command line. No programming skills are required to use the calculator. The software architecture is highly modularized so that it is easily extendible. The user can also download the source code, adapt it if needed and build the calculator from source. The calculated feature values are compliant with the ones provided by the IBSI standard. RaCaT can be used with any kind of images (like CT, PET and MRI) in dicom, ecat, nrrd or nifti format. Masks marking the region of interest can be imported as binary masks (also in dicom, ecat, nrrd or nifti format) or as rt-struct. As input, RaCaT needs a configuration file where the user can set the preferred preprocessing steps (like discretization, resegmentation etc.).


Official Website

Source Code: GitHub, Compiled Package

Tutorials: ReadMe, Doxygen User’s Manual (pdf), Wiki, Examples

Reference Papers: Main Paper


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