KesnerDDG – Data-driven respiratory gating of PET list-mode data

KesnerDDG is research software that can be used for data driven respiratory motion correction in PET imaging. This software was built as a free tool to be available for researchers in the PET community. The executable program accepts PET list-mode file(s)as an input. The program will then automatically process the list-mode data and output:

  1. a respiratory trace,
  2. a copy of the list-mode file with respiratory triggers in it, and
  3. a data driven “optimal bin” version of the list-mode file.

The function of the program is analogous to a hardware motion tracking system. However it runs retrospectively, it is fully software based, fully automated, and no operator or hardware input required.

The program is designed to be simple to use. It can be run by selecting files upon opening, or called via system command line (can be integrated into an automated workflow). User may select processing variables (~10 variables) or use default parameters. Program can be run on 1,100, or 1000+ scans (via automated “select and run” program). Metadata are also generated (quality of signal, respiratory trace, etc.).

The new PET list-mode data file can be used as a source file for image reconstruction, just like any other PET list-mode data file including list-mode data created with hardware sourced triggers. As of June, 2018, software is available for select PET system models from vendors Siemens and GE.


Official Website

Source Code: Available only by e-mail contact & after establishing inter-institutional research agreement), IDL Virtual Machine (required to run the IDL code)

Documentation: Overall Info, User’s Manual, Video DemoOther resources by same developer

Reference Papers: Paper 1 & Paper 2


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