HERMES Medical Solutions Software

HERMES is an End-to-End Enterprise Software for Molecular Imaging. Hermes Medical Solutions was established in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1976. The company was the first to develop SPECT reconstruction software and dual-head whole-body scanning. Hermes Medical Solutions introduced the first medical image fusion software for combined viewing of images from different scanners. By fusing the functional and morphological information this revolutionary solution supports physicians in localizing organ functions, thereby improving the understanding of molecular imaging and radiology.

HERMES_logo-v2Official Website

Products: Enterprise MISUV SPECTTM ReconstructionNM ProcessingHybrid3DTM MI DisplayOncology & DosimetryCardiologyNeurologyPulmonaryHybrid3DTM SIRT

Tutorials: About Page, Support, Demo, Events/Congresses

Reference Papers: White Papers List

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