Hermes Medical Solutions Software

Hermes Medical Solutions continuously innovates to enable faster and more personalized diagnosis and therapies in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine. For 47 years, we have empowered physicians and healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art software for all clinical scenarios in NM/MI into ONE vendor-neutral platform: HERMIA.

Hermia facilitates fast and accurate reporting for all your clinical needs in planar Nuclear Medicine, PET, SPECT, CT and MRI, including advanced dosimetry tools, irrespective of camera manufacturer and delivered by flexible remote access solutions.

The Hermia software connects all equipment and staff and helps you reach the full potential of your NM department today and tomorrow.

HERMES_logo-v2Official Website



SUV SPECT Reconstruction

NN Processing






Tutorials: About Page, Support, Demo, Events/Congresses, Demo videos, Media Library

Reference Papers: White Papers List


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